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What is a magnetic field?

What is magnetic field? Much like radiation, a magnetic field is entirely invisible to the naked eye, and refers to a part of the environment which possesses magnetic properties which will then affect items that are sensitive to magnetism (a prime example of this would many types of metal).  

The planet Earth itself is responsible for the creation and emission of powerful magnetic fields and the two global poles, North and South Poles respectively, play a prominent role in this process of the world. 

What is magnetic field is a  topic that has been considered, analysed and ultimately relied upon by the scientist community of different eras as each new generation has relied upon the awesome power of magnet fields to achieve particular results. Magnets and magnetism was a prominent feature within the seafaring community as it provided a strategic and convenient tool for the proper navigation of ships. In more modern times, geologists routinely make use of the issue of What is magnetic field in order to measure and more effectively analyse the mineral composition of areas. 

Magnetism also plays a very strong and prominent role within the medical profession and this is primarily due to the fact that it is commonly and routinely employed within the usage of Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology. MRI scans are used to serve as an important diagnostic tool for the medical professional, providing them with pertinent information concerning the overall condition and wellbeing of the body. 

Not only are magnetic fields employed within conventional, mainstream medicine but also alternative medicine as well. Indeed, the number of alternative medical practises and therapies that routinely make use of magnets to achieve some desired result is steadily increasing at an exponential rate with each passing day. Whether or not they genuinely benefit the person undergoing them is difficult to say. 

There have been concerns raised that magnetic fields can potentially pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of people, particularly young children who are alleged to be especially vulnerable to effects of magnetic fields and this danger manifests itself in the unfortunate guise of leukaemia.


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