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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

With the ever increasing expansion and development of the telecommunications sector, this has meant that there more and more cellphone towers being erected with each passing day, and in some instances, there have been reports of such towers being situated in residential areas against the wishes of the residents of the area.   

The topic of Cell phone tower radiation has become a fiercely debated one, and it has effectively polarized the medical community, with some healthcare practitioners arguing that the Cell phone tower radiation issue is one that has been overestimated, and that so long as the Cell phone tower radiation is kept within safe limits, there is nothing to worry about. Others have taken the view that the full effects of Cell phone tower radiation remain unknown, and that it is not always possible to predict or control the actions of the residents who live in close proximity to the tower. 

People in favour of the increased numbers of cell phone towers have argued that if the literature is to be believed, the mere fact that the towers emit radio frequencies which itself is a sub category of electromagnetic radiation, is of little concern due to the fact that EMR is not classified as an ionizing form of radiation.  

Given that non ionizing radiation only causes harm in large doses, and will only pose a threat to people by virtue of the heat energy that it creates, this has meant that the potential health risks and consequences of the Cell phone tower radiation has been downplayed. The fact that the level of Cell phone tower radiation is equivalent to that produced by a microwave has also been mentioned at length and frequently.  

However, there have a number of worrying reports and studies commissioned which have identified a series of very worrying and alarming trends, with reports that people who live in close proximity to a Cell phone tower radiation are at a higher risk of developing associated diseases such as cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, autoimmune suppression and mental disorders such as depression. Whether these health risks manifest only in certain types of people, or in people generally, remains to be seen.  



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