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  • Cell phone towers radiation
    With the ever increasing expansion and development of the telecommunications sector, this has meant that there more and more cellphone towers being erected with each passing day, and in some instances, there have been reports of such towers being situated in residential areas against the wishes of the residents of the area.
  • Microwave radiation
    Microwave radiation is the term used to refer to the category of electromagnetic waves. Whereas other types of radiation can be more clearly and absolutely measured by virtue of the fact that the dimensions of the waves emitted by them are constant, Microwave radiation is unique in that the dimensions of the waves are variable. Therefore, both the wavelengths and the frequencies noted by Microwave radiation will vary.
  • EMR at school
    What many people do not realise that whilst they may casually dismiss EMR at school as nothing more than the media with a political agenda then whipping the masses into a fit of hysteria, the bitter irony of it all is that EMR at school is a very real concern, and indeed, EMR at school is actually contributing to the severity and frequency of learning disability/difficulty within children.
  • What is a magnetic field
    There have been concerns raised that magnetic fields can potentially pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of people, particularly young children who are alleged to be especially vulnerable to effects of magnetic fields and this danger manifests itself in the unfortunate guise of leukaemia.




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