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Many schools within the Western world, namely, within America and the UK, have reported that a significant amount of the budget that is allocated for the education of young people has to be earmarked for the teaching of children with special needs. A child with special needs will require a highly specialised and tailor made learning program in order for them to remain motivated and interested in their studies, and this ultimately spells one thing: a lot of money.   

What many people do not realise that whilst they may casually dismiss EMR at school as nothing more than the media with a political agenda then whipping the masses into a fit of hysteria, the bitter irony of it all is that EMR at school is a very real concern, and indeed, EMR at school is actually contributing to the severity and frequency of learning disability/difficulty within children. 

The sad truth of the matter is that the very things that are designed and intended to enrich and challenge our children are actually harming them. Therefore, the likes of energy saving lightbulbs, computer monitors and the cellphones and other radio wave based gadgets that are so commonly found within any school, are all sources of risk to the average child. 

Thankfully, this is an issue that is slowly but surely, beginning to be recognised by governments of developed countries and so proactive steps are being taken to address the issue more readily. Sweden and Norway, whose educational systems have been the envy of the rest of Europe for generations, have identified that Electrohypersensitivty is now to be legally classified as a functional impairment and treated as such. 

EHS, is an especially development because it directly means that the sufferer is far more sensitive and vulnerable to developing the various health risks and complaints typically associated with long term and chronic exposure to dangerous levels of EMR. What has been determined as being the leading cause of a person developing EHS? Repeated exposure to EMR. Therefore, unless we take proactive steps to remedy EMR at school, then we will condemn our children to a vicious cycle.  




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