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Microwave Radiation

Microwave radiation is the term used to refer to the category of electromagnetic waves. Whereas other types of radiation can be more clearly and absolutely measured by virtue of the fact that the dimensions of the waves emitted by them are constant, Microwave radiation is unique in that the dimensions of the waves are variable. Therefore, both the wavelengths and the frequencies noted by Microwave radiation will vary.   

One of the most readily recognised and well known usages for Microwave radiation is within cooking, and so a microwave oven will make use of Microwave radiation in order to heat the food and better prepare it for consumption.  

As the Microwave radiation actually passes through the food that has been placed inside the microwave appliance, this in turn triggers the process of dielectric heating thereby causing the water and fat content of the food to become evaporated. 

The mere inclusion of the word radiation in the term Microwave radiation is enough to confuse laypeople into assuming that Microwave radiation also possesses a carcinogenic effect on their health as has been noted with other forms of radiation such as gamma rays. However, the simple truth of the matter is that Microwave radiation happens to be non ionizing and so in practical terms, it is utterly incapable of actually removing the molecular bonds that exists between atoms in matter. 

However, one primary health risk that Microwave radiation can pose to a person is the risk of deep tissue burning, and this can be potentially very severe indeed. One of the most troubling and concerning aspects of Microwave radiation burning is that the victim will not immediately exhibit any symptoms, as the burns maybe very deep inside the skin.  

As the Microwave radiation passes through the skin, this will then cause the moisture and fluid in the body (usually water) to become absorbed and dried up, thereby causing shrinkage of the cells. However, it should be noted that in order for such effects to be sustained, a person would have to be directly exposed to a fairly substantial amount of Microwave radiation at once.  


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